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Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya Expeditions


Tailor made treks up Mount Kenya organized by Charles Wachira.


Charles was born and raised in the foothills of Mount Kenya and knows its peaks and valleys like the back of his hand. Living near the Naro Moru Gate to the Mount Kenya National Park and a member of the Mt Kenya Guide Association, he has been up and down this mountain with clients from countries all over the world, showing them all the wonders of this magnificent landscape while leading them successfully to the summit.

With his crew of porters and a cook who takes care of all the meals plus ample amounts of tea and coffee en route, a mountain trek with Charles is always a success. He knows all the routes and huts and most importantly, what it takes to reach your goal safely.



Transport to and from the Mountain

A trek to Mount Kenya may be organized from either the Naro Moru, the Sirimon or the Chogoria gate or starting point, but usually starts out from Nairobi, where most international visitors arrive in Kenya.

Arrangements can be made to pick up clients from Nairobi airport. On arrival in Nairobi after a long flight it is advisable to stay a night in a hotel before departing to the mountain which entails a 4 hour drive. Better to start your trek next day refreshed after a good nights sleep. Staying at the Fairview Hotel, a charming and very comfortable four-star hotel in pleasant surroundings in Nairobi is highly recommended. They serve all kinds of delicious meals too by the way, even sushi.


Alternatively, if arriving in Nairobi on an early morning flight, it is possible to drive straight to Naro Moru where you check into the Naro Moru River Lodge for a good nights rest, before an early start up the mountain next morning.  Or, if you are on a really tight schedule, you can drive to the mountain from Nairobi in the morning and start your climb straight away, at midday.

After descending from the mountain your transport back to Nairobi can be arranged from one of the park gates so that you can have a well deserved hot shower the same evening in your hotel of choice!

Trekking on the mountain

During your trip on the mountain, which will take 4-6 days, depending on the route you choose, accomodation will be either in bunkhouses or huts  which are booked in advance by Charles. Porters will accompany you on the whole trip, carrying your heavier gear so that you can enjoy the walk with just a daypack containing your camera and other personal essentials. Be sure to pack your gear in a backpack as the porters do not carry suitcases or bags.

No need to carry any food either except your own favourite snacks (nuts and mars bars are great) .  The cook takes care of all your meals. Water in the huts is suitable for drinking after boiling, or alternativey, treatment with water purification tablets, available in most outdoor equipment stores. Take a good sized drinking bottle with you, or, if you're a thirsty person, carrying a Camelback in your daypack is a better option. And don't forget packing waterproof pants and jacket besides your sunblock and sunglasses - Mount Kenya can get plenty of rain, depending on the time of year.

As there is no electricity in most huts, be sure to take extra batteries for your camera.

And remember, even though Mount Kenya is right on the equator, don't be fooled - it gets very cold very soon after the first day. And of course the higher you climb the colder it gets, especially at night.

So take clothes to keep you warm and do not economize on your sleeping bag unless you don't mind spending a few sleepless nights up there.


Enquiries at the following mailaddress: Email Kenya

Charles can also be contacted directly (telephone or sms) on his mobile phone: +254 720 352 120






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